Sunday, November 30, 2008

Latest from the old goat

Well its been a spell since I felt moved to fill this space with any thoughts and as I sit here in the early morn I am even now at a loss for a topic. How 'bout a recap of recent events and adventures on the horizon for starters. Coming up soon for me (Dec 12th) is trip number six to the impoverished country of Haiti. Many of my friends question my sanity when I make this annual trek which truly does physically kick my old goat ass, but it ain't all about sore muscles and lots of Tylenol. Somehow about the first of December each year I begin to see in my mind the faces of some of the skinny little kids that make their homes in the patches of scant woods along the beach front near where we stay. Our compound is fenced in and I can hear them out by the gate calling to us to come out and play and bring treats. As a general rule I don't even like kids but these little buggers kinda get in my heart and I look forward to seeing them each year. Whatever trivial little gadget we have brought from the states will surely set them off with glee. The missionaries at our site have taught them a little Christmas play and has made costumes for them all. Its a real hoot to watch these little black faces make a baa sound when its time for the sheep to play their part. We will no doubt make several trips back into the hills to work on a house or build a cistern or do some chore that the locals can't do without our help. But....they are there to help in great numbers and the level of appreciation on their faces is undeniable. Doing for others is my number one favorite pastime but nothing makes me feel better than the warm fuzzies I get in Haiti. When we finally board the bus for the trip back to the Port Aux Prince airport I am more than ready to be home with my bride, my Maggie dog and plenty of Coldbeer but there is no doubt in my mind that next December I'll be making these same kind of plans.

On a local note I must confess that last Monday night I got a real surprise when my bride Katie shocked me with a birthday celebration the likes of which I was not prepared for. All day long I had moped around, not feeling the best and dreading the thoughts of even going out for a birthday dinner. I even stopped at the supermarket and bought 2 nice steaks and some baking taters so that, if I could get away with it I could just cook and stay home. Under the guise of taking some equipment to a friend that runs a small eatery so that she could use them in a catering the next day, I was lured downtown to have one beer with her and her husband who works with me. I was surprised by about 45-50 good friends and family and suffice it to say we all had a large time. In lieu of gifts everyone had brought items off the list of what we needed to take to Haiti and by nights end we had a truck load of much needed supplies for that trip. My two sons were there, one having driven in from 3 hours away, only to leave afterwards and return home, my new #1 grand boy Davis, some good friends and most all of my best church friends. My pastors wife Sarah, who is a mission mate of mine actually had written down some sweet words about me that she shared with the crowd. Its been a very long time since I felt this loved.

If I don't get inspired to write again before Christmas I hope all you'al have the very best of holidays. Crookedpaw