Monday, March 16, 2009


Francesca Dimarco - If that ain’t an eyetalian name, I’ll hush. Last Friday I met this pretty young lady at a local eatery for a lunch I shall long remember. She is a possible client and we were discussing the details of a major renovation project. But I gotta tell you it’s hard to keep your mind on business when sitting across the table from this vibrant package of energy. Turns out the owner of the pizzeria was a friend and fellow eyetalian and knew her well. Believe me this speaks well of his choice of friends. The two of them would break out in Italian leaving me with no choice during these periods but to stare at the sparkling brown eyes of this beauty. I have no idea what the Italian word for fox is but I’m sure there is a picture of Francesca beside it in the dictionary.

If I were not a worn out old Goat and did not already have a pretty bride and was about 40 years younger you can bet your boots I’d get me some fox hounds and be hot on her trail.


Katy said...

The eye-talian word for little girl fox is "furbina". And she is--I've met her and she's my best friend!

Paul said...

If this is the Francesca DiMarco from Chicago area who posed in Playboy, you are certainly correct about her beauty. Surely she looked extremely attractive in those Playboy picturials, however, her real beauty is her immensely attractive face (her eyes are astonishing!)