Monday, November 22, 2010

As I find my life cycle counter about to rotate again, it’s a little scary to realize that I can-- remember sitting on my grandmother’s front porch steps and watching the celebrants whoop it up because WW11 had just ended//crossing the street walking home from the 2nd grade and stepping in front of an airport limo (birthday, Christmas and New Years in the hospital)//learning that I was the only plebe cadet at Valley Forge Military Academy that was from south of the Mason-Dixon line(lots of teasing that year)//getting my first look at the DMZ in Korea in 1959//black and white sections at the bus and train stations//test driving a new Edsel//loosing my handcuff key in the excitement of my first arrest// a bunch of loving dogs - Penny, Prince, Kita, Kola, Beatle Bum, Dusty and now the one and only Miss Maggie. Should mention a few old heathen cats like Billy Ray, Bubba and Maybelle//living thru 3 heart attacks, 2 strokes, more broken bones that I can count, back surgery, gun shot wounds, and a 51 day stint at the Duke Burn Center (how many lives is that, I lost count?) and finally living long enough to get involved with Peace Presbyterian Church and finding that I had a passion for foreign mission trips and disaster assistance work. I’m gray haired, stooped, scarred up and full of aches and pains but I still am looking forward to some new adventures (anyone want to go with me to Nicaragua in March??). Crookedpaw